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What is an IgG Food Allergy Test ?

It’s no secret that understanding allergies and food intolerances can be confusing and frustrating.  Especially when you’ve been through tests & treatments that haven’t left you feeling any better.

A frequent complaint that we hear is – “I have been putting up with this for so long.  Isn’t there anything else I can do ?”

Well relief is at hand.  And you don’t need to see your GP for a referral.

You may be already aware that the testing and treatment methods for a food intolerance is different from a classical allergy.

Food Intolerances produce IgG antibodies which may cause inflammation in the gut. This is not generally life threatening but can be the cause of a lot of discomfort.

Classical Allergies on the other hand produce IgE antibodies which trigger a more immediate and potentially life-threatening reaction.

Simply stated, the IgG Food Intolerance Test is a specialised blood test performed in a clinical laboratory.

It pinpoints the inflammatory, high IgG reactive foods so that you can have your diet tailored to your needs and start to feel better.

The IgG test on offer today is suitable for Intolerances not for Classical Allergies

Why Allergy Testing Online’s IgG Food Intolerance Test ?

We are Partnered with an Australian Laboratory

Australian Clinical Labs (ACL), is proudly Australian, performing the IgG Food Intolerance Test in their specialised medical laboratory in Adelaide. All sample testing is done by highly skilled medical scientists.

ACL is well represented with a vast network of collection centres around Australia. From the moment your blood is drawn, your sample is kept safe at a regulated, stable temperature throughout transportation using a specialised Thermotag temperature monitoring system.  You can be reassured it is safe.

Our IgG Food Intolerance Test is Comprehensive

Our IgG Food Intolerance test offers thorough testing for up to 220 foods in 12 major food groups.

The food categories are:

Dairy & Eggs, Grains – with and without Gluten, Fish & Seafood, Meat, Fruit, Vegetables, Nuts & Seeds, Herbs & Spices as well as an independent reading for others such as Yeasts, Algae, Gliadin & Casein.

Our Team of Dynamic and Experienced Nutritionists

Our experienced team of Clinical Nutritionists can be available to assist you in making your dietary changes.

It can be overwhelming when faced with a sea of ‘red flagged’ allergens and not knowing where to start!

Not good with diet ? Too much work stress ? Then take advantage of the expertise and help that our Clinical Team can provide and start your journey to improving your health and well-being.


Finally, you can be assured our test can identify the foods you are reacting to and once you know this information you are already on the road to recovery.

Your results identify the foods to avoid as well as those that agree with your body.

With this information, you can control your health.

Testimonials from Clients who have Regained their Health

” The results have been fantastic ! I no longer have the urge to scratch my skin off and I feel so much better inside and out. I find Susan to be a very professional, approachable and likable lady with a genuine want to help fix my problem. I would recommend her to anyone who is seeking a healthy more natural way to better health.”

“Wow, what can I say ? I have been suffering [with eczema] for over 8 years and in just 3 weeks the difference is just amazing. I cannot recommend Susan enough.”

“Absolutely amazing !” I have had bad acne and Susan has put me on a treatment to help clear up my skin issues.”

“Susan has made a hugely significant and positive impact of which I am extremely grateful… the difference is absolutely priceless! I will continue to spread the good word.”

“The swelling on my face has completely gone and for the first term in many years I have been able to breath through my nose at night…I truly am speechless.

I didn’t expect to see results this quickly.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart. – thank you for passing on your amazing knowledge and research.”


Start Feeling Better in 4 Easy Steps

What happens after I receive my results ?

Two different types of Test Report are provided with every 220 IgG antibody test:

1)  Food Groups – foods are listed according to their respective food group

2)  Order of Reactivity – foods are ranked by strength of antibody reaction

Together with your results you will receive information on:

✓ How to interpret the test results
✓ How to plan your diet
✓ How to avoid problem foods like dairy, eggs, wheat, gluten and yeast
✓ And importantly what replacement foods to choose
✓ Monitoring symptoms, re-introducing foods and avoiding new food intolerances

What if I need further help ?

Sometimes clients may not feel confident making dietary changes on their own.  It’s not uncommon to have too many intolerances or your lifestyle may restrict you from getting started.   That’s where we come in.

In these instances, we offer a Telehealth Care Consult to get you started and on the road to better health.

Our team at Allergy Testing Online is an experienced group of Clinical Nutritionists who can take away all the guesswork and tailor-make a healthy, nutritious dietary plan for you.

The good news is Private Health fund Rebates may apply.

Questions ???  Call our Dedicated Customer Line 0414 400 562

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