Indulged in a bit too much Chocolate over Easter ?

Too Many Hot Cross Buns?  There’s nothing more tempting than the smell of freshly baked hot cross buns!   Well maybe just another chocolate egg ?

Unfortunately, there is a price to pay if you’re a person who suffers with delayed food intolerances.  Foods that are hard to pinpoint are often the culprits and responsible for symptoms like the fact that your stomach just grew in size, became hard and the clothes that you usually  look great in are now tight and uncomfortable!  You’ve gained 2kg in weight overnight (a typical symptom of delayed food intolerances). And all because you ate just one tiny little chocolate Easter Egg or an extra hot cross bun that has now left you hating that you look about three months pregnant!

So what to do about it ?

Chocolate itself is probably not to blame !  But your gut and digestive system need looking at and evaluating scientifically.

We at Allergy Testing Online not only offer a wide range of allergy tests but we are experienced in getting to the root cause of digestive bloating, inconsistent bowels, cramping and embarrassing gassy situations.

Firstly, find out the culprits by taking our 200+ Food Allergy Test.  Secondly, speak to one of our experienced Nutritionists or Naturopaths.  Our clinic  has been established since 2002 and has 17 years industry experience, we have successfully been helping people with their allergies even before the current allergy epidemic happened.

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