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Winter Wellness - Colds and Flu

Are you sick of being sick ?
Adopt some simple Winter Wellness strategies…..
Reduce Stress
Exercise Regularly
Get more Sleep
Eat your fruit and Veggies
Wash your hands more often
Protect yourself with ....
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Understanding Food Intolerances and what to do

Can you honestly remember everything that you have eaten or drunk in a 72 hour window?  The possible manifestations of a food reaction are enormous and often non-specific. Food reactions may cause many discomforts.
We have been looking after food intolerance sufferers for about 17 years and have gained a wealth of knowledge to help you.
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Gluten Free - to be or not to be ?

Ask yourself this: “How can it be that I can enjoy a freshly baked baguette in France or a delicious crusty based pizza in Italy and have no reaction, yet one slice of bread purchased at my local supermarket leaves me curled up in pain?” Read on for more on Gluten and how to find a traditional Artisan Baker near to you.
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Healthy Doughnut Recipe - Easy to do

National Doughnut Day is coming ! It’s no secret doughnuts aren’t exactly good for us, but what if we can change that? So what if we change the unhealthy ingredients in a standard doughnut and swap them for healthier alternatives ? This recipe will satisfy everyone and is super easy to make! Gluten free too !